My Last Meal

This post was a long time in coming, but due to a second surprise bout with COVID-19  congesting my sinuses while freeing up my days to do some Holy Week reflecting (or, as a favourite professor once called it, ruminating) I may as well hit the ground running.  As an erratic Catholic, I normally try to follow the annual Holy Week reflections posted on the Pins of Light blog/website , run by Philippine Jesuit priest Johnny C. Go, SJ. Today, Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday in older English translations), is all about Jesus' last meal with His 12 apostles, with the word "apostle" being translated both loosely and tightly as "trusted companion." Because many Holy Thursday services traditionally mark that meal with much drama, notably the washing of the feet and the founding of the Sacrament of Holy Communion, this year's reflection asks participants to place their focus on the events surrounding the meal itself. Imagine being huddled in that room, wondering why y

Magalit po na ang magalit, pero kailangan nating magtanda. / Go ahead and hate me, but we need to learn from our mistakes.

Napapaisip ako nang madalas tungkol sa mga balimbing na (bumalik sa) pangangampanya para sa mga mismong kinatawan na kanilang siniraan mula noong 2015 hanggang 2021: PNoy, Mar, Leni and Kiko. Dahil sa ginampanan nila upang magkaganito ang pamamahala ng ating bansa, hindi ko sila maituturing na kakampink.  Walang pinag-iba ang pulpolitikong tulad nina FVRamos, Dick Gordon, Bayani Fernando, Grace Poe, Chiz Escudero, at ang mga tagapaghatid ng balita gaya nina Ted Failon, Arnold Claudio, atbp kina Enrile, Macapagal-Arroyo at Marcos. Lalong hindi ko rin maatim ang lahat ng kasapi ng Makabayan bloc, ang mga National Democrats na siyang unang kumampi kay Duterte at hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin natutong humingi ng tawad at magtrabaho upang itama ang kanilang pagkakamali na siyang nagdulot ng kaguluhang ito.  Pinaglaruan nilang lahat ang buhay at niyurakan nila ang pagkatao hindi lang ng napakaraming ipinakulong at ipinapatay dahil sa huwad na "War on Drugs" ng administrasyong Rod

Sa mata ng iba, ang lihim ay ibubunyag: #Trese from the eyes of an erstwhile Marketing/PR practitioner 1/2

So! I've been a big fangirl for a while now, but it was only in 2015 that I properly started following the original books of the hottest Filipino creative property and one of the first adapted for global audiences today, Trese . After years of being developed, the six-episode mini-series made its debut worldwide as a Netflix Anime Original by the streaming giant on 11th June 2021 — leading into the weekend celebrating the Philippine Day of Independence, no less, which is 12th June.  Just to give you a short background,  Trese   is an award-winning, self-published English-language komiks creation by Philippine-based advertising professionals, writer Budjette Tan and storyboard artist Kajo Baldisimo. Inspired by anime and gritty DC Comics originals, this indie comic was adapted by USA-raised Filipino Jay Oliva, best known for directing several DC Universe Animated Original Movies and Young Justice episodes, through his animation studio Lex+Otis (L+O). The six-episode mini-series was

Suntok sa Buwan / A Fist to the Stars (Or, how a Filipina fangirl managed to meet #TeamCap)

As some of you may know, I am active in fandom spaces. In fact, outside of my enjoyment of food, I share things about Sailor Moon , 1990s anime , the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Filipino media franchise  Encantadia . This has helped me as a representative of some of the biggest powerhouses in entertainment in my heyday as a marketing communications professional. But sometimes, I do miss just being a fan. In this magazine article I wrote for back in 2016, I recount one of the highlights of my fangirl life (note that you may need the help of your preferred search engine for some expressions due to my bilingual writing, and this is the original version but not the final version that made it to the zine).   

Cooking Musings: Onions

As many of you may (or may not) be aware, I like being in full control of my circumstances and environment. This is because in my experience, many things beyond my control have not gone very well for me. Many of you also know this extends to my failed attempts to grow plants. Where others have been plantitas and plantitos, I have not been successful except where spring onions are concerned. I saw this onion hiding among my pile of onions just now. It's growing beautifully and reminds me that some things just do better, grow better, ARE better when left well enough alone, outside of my scope of control.  (That said, I also worry that taking it out of its hiding place might kill it. I'm also wondering if it prefers to be called Oliver or Abby Vedalia.) I am still in the thick preparing our meals for the next few days, but I will just relax and maybe just go with the flow, kind of like my onion buddy.

Travel tech: Where are they now?

  Back in the day, I was writing for an online magazine called TravelDaily Media through a third-party gig. The language we used was British English, but we were all Filipino working under the magazine's then-new angel invester-owner from the USA who injected money into our publication from the People's Republic of China. My forte was in researching startups within and related to the travel industry, as well as doing interviews through teleconferences.  I do regret having to switch to a higher-paying job after a few months, but at that time there were necessities that I needed to handle. I also find it odd that my bylines are completely gone from the website and have been replaced by someone else's name. All the same, writing is something I seriously enjoy doing, and I would like to do more of this in the near future.  Packdat  was a trip-planning travel tech made up by some of my favorite Singaporeans. The Lee brothers were young and cheeky but without being hurtful in the

New news

Hello, I'm Jocelyn, and I'm supremely excited to have a  new steady job as a writer/editor for an online travel magazine! Being completely at the other side of the communications fence has been the most fun I have had working in a long time. I just wish I could work from home instead of going to an office, but hey, at least someone is doing my accounting and computing my tax returns because I still don't get how this godforsaken Philippine government does it (they make sure you as the payer gets screwed over). If you're looking for me, I'm Jocelyn on . Please watch out for uncut/uncensored/alternate versions of my  Travel Daily  articles on this blog. ^.~v So what else has been going on with me? Check the cut.